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Raise effectiveness

Increase the commitment of employees

Optimise the office maintenance budget

Change of the office space is associated with a high risk. It is easy to make mistakes in various aspects. If the office is not designed properly, instead of bringing the expected benefits, it may lead to the deterioration of results. Therefore, the key task is to carry out studies and analyses to define significant objectives and find the ways of achieving them.

Our service combines studies and analyses with certain elements of change management. It helps to eliminate risks and contributes to the achievement of the set business goals.

74% of employees feel stressed at work

anxiousness and irritation




decreased concentration


more absences

Stress at Work Study Report Hays 2018
Optimisation of expensive office space
the analysis provides information that helps to determine the exact area needed (at the time of conducting construction works or searching for a new office)
Increase in employee effectiveness
the analysis provides information about problems that lower employee commitment and performance
Office that meets the actual employee/user needs
the analysis provides information about the individual needs of all employees
Improvement of the external and internal image
the analysis helps to discover key contact points with the image of the brand, which influences the relationships with customers and partners as well as the HR activities, including the acquisition and retention of employees
Change management
the analysis is part of change management; it familiarises employees with change, reduces dissatisfaction and builds the value of change

The WORK ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS package includes::

  1. The analysis of the current office and employees by means of observation, interviews and surveys;

  2. A report with conclusions from the analysis, with special attention to barriers and bottlenecks, definition of processes and determination of the time that they consume;

  3. A set of recommendations on how to organise the office and office work in order to increase effectiveness and comfort as well as make better use of the office space;

  4. A functional map of the office;

  5. Assistance in implementing office change:


  • choice of office area

  • support for the office designing and equipping process

  • support for the change management process

Case Study

Monthly savings:
36.000 PLN

Increase in effectiveness:

Improvement in work comfort:

Customer: CEO of an IT company.

Challenge: optimisation of the administrative costs of the office. The company is constantly developing and expanding. New positions and tasks have been created. The company and its employees needed new space that would meet the expectations and be better adjusted to the processes. The CEO of the company considered increasing the office area.

Solution: the study and analysis of the work environment discovered certain office spaces that were unused (about 32% of the area) and that were designed in a faulty manner and were not adjusted to the tasks performed by the employees (nearly 26%). Based on the results of the analysis, the office was redesigned, which involved creating zones that were properly adjusted to the processes and finding use for the space that was not used before. In the end, the company did not move to a larger office, but it was ready to employ more people.

Result: savings in the costs of renting office space (savings compared with the planned new office space: PLN 36,000 per month) as well as increased effectiveness (by 13%) and work comfort (27%).

Increase in commitment:

Increase in satisfaction:

Increase in the number of meetings:

Customer: HR director of a trading company.

Challenge: increasing employee satisfaction and commitment. The customer’s office was not adjusted to the nature of the work which was carried out there. The office was out-of-date, it did not follow the industry trends, and it made the employees feel frustrated. They did not have a place to carry out multi-people projects or to recover, and there were not enough representative places to meet customers and partners. The office, as a tool, did not support their everyday work and lowered their effectiveness.

Solution: the audit and its results made it possible to determine the processes that dominated at the company and the employees’ reasonable expectations regarding the office area, as well as to set priorities related to the tasks and the adjustment of functional zones connected with the tasks performed by the employees. From the very beginning, the entire process was complemented with a change management service in order to make all employees feel that it was their project and office.

Result: increase in employee commitment by 9%, increase in satisfaction by 27%, increase in the number of meetings at the office by 29%, which undoubtedly contributed to the financial results of our customer.

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